Angel Meditation: Archangel Daniel

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IMG_0275Playing around with Doreen Virtue’s angel cards today, the Archangel Daniel popped up. Archangel Daniel’s name means ‘God’s Merciful Judgement’. Daniel is the ‘Angel of Marriage’, the ‘Angel of Universal Love’ and the ‘Principle Guardian Angel’. He is a Principle Healer, Mentor and Guardian Angel and he resonates with love, strength and peace. Archangel Daniel is said to be one of the highest ranked angels in the Universe, and is in charge of the Gates of Ascension. Archangel Daniel helps us to attract love and encourages us to live our lives to the fullest, finding wholeness and fulfillment within. Daniel also inspires holistic and peaceful lifestyles within the human realm.

In my meditation, Daniel appeared dressed like a Native American Medicine man. His body was transparent and through him, you could see the galaxy. His message to me, was “You are offered all, will you take it?”

Hope you enjoy this process as much as I did!


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