Bring on the Balance

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I did another higher knowing meditation yesterday. I arrived at the beach where a dolphin swam to the shore and coughed up a diamond. Overwhelmingly, the diamond symbol or the triangle symbol motif expresses itself in terms of clarity, ascension and wisdom that transcends the banalities of our everyday realm.

I believe the dolphin meaning is connected with themes of duality; it has to do with the dolphin being both fish and mammal. It is both of the water, and an air breather. Ergo, dolphin symbolism talks to us about “being in two worlds at once.” Indeed, the dolphin is a great conveyor of the concept of yin and yang.

My interpretation of the message is to remember to keep things in balance. This is in the wake of a major writing project coming to a close, when I have been very lost in my head, losing track of time, unable to sleep, allowing my exercise routine to fall off, and skimping on meals. I need to ground myself on land as well as swim through the world of ideas, to find the balance of abundance. I rededicate myself to that today!

How do you maintain your sense of balance?


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