4 Woes of the Therapist and Healer

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Everyone’s situation is different, but often times, as therapists and healers, we tend to experience some of the same frustrations. In my experience as a supervisor and educator in the field of creative arts therapies, there are four common woes that lower our energy and enthusiasm as practitioners. For the purposes of this post, I’ve assigned each of them a character type.

  1. The Magician. How many times have you gone to work, and instead of feeling like an effective therapist, you feel like an entertainer, worried about what trick you’ll have to have to pull out of your hat for the next group? And sometimes, it’s even a surprise to yourself what you manage to come up with!
  2. The Paper-Pusher. Do you ever feel like what was supposed to be a job to help people heal has turned you into a sleep-deprived paper-pusher? You always have one eye on the clock and the other on a check box. What precious time you have to spend with clients gets buried under audits, progress notes, treatment plans, supply orders, invoices, receipts, sign in sheets, insurance claims, and so on.
  3. The Squeaky Wheel. Maybe the client interactions your job are great, but the bureaucracy of the agency or institution you work for overshadows any joy you might derive from them. Your superiors (or their superiors) don’t respect boundaries, and don’t understand the value of what you do. Every little request feels like an uphill battle and a challenge to justify your contribution to the whole. And so you either become a squeaky wheel, or have your office commandeered as a storage closet.
  4. The Lone Wolf. Or, perhaps, you are in private practice, feeling isolated and stuck on how to stay relevant and/or take your expertise to the next level. Like a wolf, you derive pleasure and purpose from feeling part of a pack, but the unique nature of what you do and how you think, leaves you feeling like the odd one out in the communities you belong to.

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