Attachment & Doubt: Are My Feelings Real?

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Dearest Die-Hard Romantic Subscribers,

Got a great question on my YouTube video, SIX SIGNS OF THE ANXIOUS-AVOIDANT TRAP…

You can catch my response here: ATTACHMENT & DOUBT: ARE MY FEELINGS REAL?

I am pretty surprised by how many views it has already collected this week. But I suppose I shouldn’t be.

Anxiety is typically the result of not knowing how to name and claim our emotions well enough that we can organize them in such a way that they don’t terrify or overwhelm us.

To accomplish this successfully, we have to recognize the body as the first organizer of experience, engage with the body through creativity and active imagination or guided mediation, for example, and then marry those discoveries to your conscious self.

If this all sounds a little abstract, I invite you to check out the video and see what you think.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

And if you’d like to learn about 6 SIGNS OF A SECURE RELATIONSHIP, you can check that out here…




Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Author, Educator & Reiki Practitioner


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