November Catch Up & December Bonanza!

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Hello My Splendiferous Subscribers,

I am happy to report, the Expressive Therapies Summit in New York went VERY well. I got such wonderful feedback from the participants in both workshops.

I get such a rush from sharing ideas with people and watching them make the same connections that get my embers burning!

I also learned valuable lessons for my upcoming presentations at the American Art Therapy Association’s Conference in New Mexico. The biggest lesson I took away was, “LESS IS MORE.”

After that, to be more EXPERIENTIAL in my approach.

The information, I could give them later. The real value of being in a room together was to utilize that precious moment of shared energy and intention.

So, I traveled to Albuquerque, and gave three presentations on Reframing Addiction, Complicated Grief, and The Heroine’s Journey and Honoring Women’s Depression and Anxiety.

And those workshops went even better.

reframing pic

Altogether, 221 people came out to explore the topics I wanted to talk about. It was such a wonderfully validating experience to share it, in that way.

For the complicated grief presentation, the room was packed, and there were even a few people sitting in the hallway, listening to the lecture. (I got them to wave for my selfie.)

File Nov 13, 3 32 27 PM

I now have to take a selfie like this at every workshop I do… just look at all the LOVE!

Now, turning to December, I am  hunkering down  for the next cycle of my six-week signature training program, THE ABUNDANT HEALER:90 DAYS TO SKYROCKET YOUR CAREER.

And its BONKERS, how much amazing stuff I am going to be offering during the launch of this new enrollment period.

Specifically, four core trainings taken straight from the 90 day curriculum, that will be sure to get you up and rolling on making BIG changes in your practice and career, FAST.

First, I will offer them live, and there will be special bonuses for those that show up LIVE.

Then, I will be launching what are called “automated funnels” that will allow you to sign up and receive these trainings at a day and time that is convenient for you.  This is really the heart of passive income, (plus good content and Facebook ads) and if you decide to join my program, you’ll learn all about it!

Here’s our upcoming December schedule of events…

Enrollment EVENT


So, make sure my emails don’t end up in your spam box or promotions tab, if you want to stay abreast of the LIVE EVENT details.

And to kick us off, here is a bit about our first training, CALL IN SOUL CLIENTS WITH FACEBOOK ADS, AND NO TECH OVERWHELM…

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.42.14 PM

In this FREE training you will learn one simple marketing strategy, implementing one Facebook traffic ad, to start driving potential clients to your business FAST, with NO TECH OVERWHELM.

This involves three simple steps, which we will cover in detail in the training…

1. The benefits of building a private Facebook group and community.
2. How to write masterful marketing copy that cuts through the noise and sings straight to your soul clients.
3. How to launch one successful facebook traffic ad using audience targeting and spending no more than $5 per day.

So make sure you sign up today!

Register Here:

Because we are entering an enrollment period, you may see more frequent emails from me this month.

If that turns you off…I get it.

But I recommend staying tuned-in, instead, because the things I’ll be talking about could seriously change the course of your business (and your life).

See you around!

Warmest regards,

Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT


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