7 Key Questions to Call in Soul Clients

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My Darling Subscriber,


We had a great training on Sunday on how to use Facebook Ads to start calling in ideal clients FAST.

Here are some of the goals participants of the training would like to achieve…

  • Abundance!
  • Financial freedom
  • Freedom to travel more!
  • Expansion of thought/purpose
  • To feel confident and not second guess myself
  • Relief from stress of finances and professional growth

And this training taps into a way to help you get there, without compromising your integrity as a therapist, or having to confront that icky sticky feeling of charging more for your services.

When you are exercising your creativity using alternative outlets–specifically, putting yourself out there online–you start to bring in alternative streams of revenue that relieve the pressure of trying to survive on a 1:1 business model.

In this presentation, we touched upon 7 Key Questions to help you hone in on what your clients need and want, and HOW TO WRITE YOUR MARKETING COPY so that it cuts through the noise and sings straight to your soul clients.

When we touched on this topic, one live participant responded…

“OMG, you’ve nailed the core issue- shame about selling…”

And that issue is SO pervasive among therapists and healers: associating worthiness issues and valuing the self with selling–and selling, with shame.

By the end of the training, it seemed we had tapped into something special, and I invited participants to book consultation calls with me.

We were lucky enough to have some individuals who’d previously had consultations with me on the call, and they had lovely things to say to the other attendees…

“My free consultation was amazing! I can look back at it to refresh my memory and keep me motivated!”

“The consultation helped me clarify that I am worth it!! I highly recommend  taking this first small step….”

“Do it! You’ll be sooooo happy you did, it’s FUN! Cartwheels!”

Based on this feedback I wanted to share this particular segment with you, it goes over these crucial 7 questions, if you want to write good marketing copy.

If you like what you see, here’s a special offer on the full crash course.

And if you would like to learn more about THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 DAYS TO SKYROCKET YOUR CAREER program, or book a FREE consultation, go here.

I am sure we’ll be chatting soon!

Warmest regards,

Briana MacWilliam




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