Just want to acknowledge that our Facebook group has started to grow exponentially. Yay!
I am so grateful to be able to witness such a considerate, conscious community evolving in the space.
Frequently, when individuals find themselves stumbling upon attachment styles, it’s because they have been operating on a largely unconscious level, for a very long time.
The truth is, we can’t know what we don’t know.
Please be aware that sometimes this group can feel challenging because we ARE CHALLENGING YOU to move beyond unconscious reacting and limiting beliefs, and step into a shared space that requires you to show up with an attitude of intention with how you express yourself, and empathy and compassion for the way you respond to other perspectives and realities, different from your own.
That means not everyone is ready to ENGAGE in the group the instant they join it.
We encourage new members to get a sense of the group culture, and witness a model for how to communicate from a place of having already “processed” some of your deeper emotions.
Please make sure you familiarize yourself with our posting guide before posting or commenting in the feed.
Posting Guidelines: https://bit.ly/AARGroupPosts
Thank you!😉

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