Online Courses

These online courses are a wonderful and informative resource to get you started, and include direct feedback and live Q&A opportunities in a private Facebook forum. You will also gain an introduction to The MacWilliam Method™.

Beginner & Intermediate Courses

If you are new to attachment styles and/or have read some books and binge-watched my YouTube videos, these courses are the best place to start. If you are not sure which course is right for you, take the attachment styles quiz for a recommendation and discount offer!

Anxious Attachment 101

5 Days to Take the Open Heart From Clingy to Confident, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Are you sick of walking on eggshells or chasing after an unattainable partner in your relationships? This online course product is for Open Hearted individuals that struggle with anxiety in push-pull relationships, who are ready to start calling in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

Avoidant Attachment 101

Decode the Rolling Stone's Love map in 5 Days, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Are you sick of falling headlong into relationships, only to wind up feeling bored, smothered, or terrified of hurting your partner, just when things are supposed to be getting good? This online course product is for individuals that struggle with avoidance in push-pull relationships, who are ready to call in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

Disorganized Attachment 101

5 Days to Support the Spice of Lifer in Love, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Do you deeply yearn for love, only to feel desperately fearful of being abandoned or rejected? Do you sabotage your relationships, switching from hot to cold, before it can even get off the ground? This online course product is for the “Spice of Lifer” that struggles with both anxiety and avoidance in push-pull relationships, who are ready to call in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

Secure Attachment 101

Amplify Your Strengths and Stabilize Your Relationship in 5 Easy Lessons, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Do you find that no matter how emotionally honest or willing you are to work on the relationship, you partner still finds ways to create drama and/or put distance between you? Maybe no matter how transparent you are with them, they just can’t trust you. Or maybe anytime you make a reasonable bid for connection, they inexplicably withdraw and need space. If so, you may be a secure Cornerstone, with an insecure lover. Secure Attachment 101 is for securely attached “Cornerstones” who feel confused by insecure partners that send mixed signals and seem to be triggered by emotional honesty. In 5 easy lessons, you’ll go from confused to clear, while learning how to amplify your strengths and help stabilize your relationship without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

“Briana MacWilliam is the kind of teacher who gets down to the bone where the blood is hot and running. She will never point to a thing when she can show it to you… She knows when to drop the important stuff and she drops it on you from her own experiential core. She does not take you anywhere she is not willing to travel herself. She has a combination of grace and grit that make her a fantastic teacher and a fabulous clinician.”

Alan Pottinger

“I am astounded by Briana’s knowledge of attachment. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations that simply can’t be found anywhere else…She should have a cable show.  The level of clarity provided is beyond anything I’ve seen.”

Jim Lewandowski

“When I found Briana’s courses I was struggling with an on-again-off-again relationship and starting to feel like I was going crazy. I saw myself acting in ways that shocked and embarrassed me, but at the same time my partner seemed to want to throw fuel on the fire. In my heart, I couldn’t believe that everything we shared was a lie, and my partner was just some evil “narcissist.” Briana’s perspective made it so much clearer for me, and has given me real hope.”

Maria Sanchez

Intermediate & Advanced Courses

If you are already familiar with attachment styles and/or have already taken my beginner-level courses, you may be ready to dive into more experiential processing, and/or exploring your newfound tools and skills with a partner using The MacWilliam Method™. If this sounds like you, Healing Attachment Wounds is right for you.

Healing Attachment Wounds with Mindfulness and Creative Arts Interventions

Go from self-doubting to self-sovereign in 7 Easy Lessons, with The MacWilliam Method™.

This course offers 7 creative, fun, easy lessons that will take you from feeling lost and confused about your romantic relationships, to stepping into your fullest and most sovereign self, without having to talk in circles around your feelings for hours (or even years) on end, with no tangible result.

This super-comprehensive course covers all that goes into our attachment relationships, from epigenetics to the impact of trauma, to polyvagal theory and how your nervous system can hijack your “love map” and keep you stuck in toxic love patterns. It also contains several engaging experiential tutorials per lesson (including art-based activities, guided visualizations, and journal prompts), to help you embody real felt changes on the emotional level (not just an insightful intellectual one). If you have an intermediate to advanced level of understanding of attachment styles, this course is for you!

“The course work helped me tap into my emotions, rather than just my intellectualism, which I struggle with. It also wound up helping me in other areas of my life too…I just started noticing things about myself that I hadn’t known before. After years of therapy, in only 6 months it has helped tremendously.”

Irena, 35

“The best part for me is the art activities. Because when I paint in daily life, I have a sense of craftsmanship about it, but In these exercises, I get another angle on it and sense the presence of my inner child!”

Mikael, G.

“Briana’s videos are always so comprehensive and integrated. I’m so grateful for Briana’s work on Anxious/Avoidant Attachment, as this construct has been my default relationship pattern through my twenties. Briana’s understanding has helped me reconcile with this, and I feel as though I can make healthier partner selections in the future. Much love!”

Ralph, Widdop 29

Advanced Courses

Hungry Love: A Live Online Masterclass

This LIVE, intensive, online masterclass is for insecure but open-minded adults who struggle with repeated heartbreaks and/or toxic patterns in love, that want to feel confident, secure, and on fire about life, all without having to people-please, walk on eggshells, or compromise what they most need and want.

With this unique and powerful curriculum, you will receive scaffolded and experiential psycho-educational instruction in specific, trauma-informed techniques to help you break through your most debilitating mindset blocks, amplify your attractive energy, and help you step into your self-sovereignty, whether you are partnered or single. Such techniques include cognitive reframing, EFT Tapping, guided meditation and visualization, creative arts interventions, sound healing, authentic movement, self-brain spotting, and chakra balancing, just to name a few. It also includes advanced practices in harnessing the law of attraction and intentional manifestation.

This course is a 6-month commitment, for the advanced student that has gained tremendous insight, and has a firm grasp of the science of attachment, but is still feeling frustrated because it hasn’t led to significant changes on the emotional or spiritual level. 

You will need to have purchased one of the beginner or intermediate level course before enrolling in Hungry Love.

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“When I joined Briana's course, I had unpartnered from my spouse of 22 years, and was trying to rebuild a life on my own, and seemed to attract men that wanted to rescue me at first, but then I wound up being the one to rescue them! I realized I had to step up and rebuild my life, or become a victim. Through the course, I learned what healthy boundaries look like for me, and what my values desires and wants are. The art based activities and body activation exercises challenge me to get out of simply gaining insight and move me to gaining more a sense of felt change in my body. The course is so robust, and I’m learning how to create a new life for myself.”

Julia Curry

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“I’d been in counseling for about 2.5 years, and had gotten stuck... I thought the course would help me get unstuck with some stuff, and I was right; it did! And some of the things that have been big for me, I didn’t necessarily expect. Having a way to get through the anxious jumbly mess has been very helpful for me. If you're at the point where you're even considering this, you know you have patterns in your life that have not been beneficial. Why do it to yourself, if there is an option for help?”


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“As an anxiously attached person moving toward a more secure attachment, the course provides a process of grounding within myself so I could listen and hear and receive. I learned a lot about myself and the imagery was a gateway into understanding. I was able to find permanent rooting in lessons I was learning through meditation and visioning. Make sure you have a quiet alone space and reserve sometime before and after to process. Also, don't feel guilty if you didn't understand right away, keep at it and it will come to you.”

Laura Edwards

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"This course really helped me to understand 'the why.' A lot of other courses tell you what it is, but they don't tell you why it is, and I'm a why person. It helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling, and step back and look at my own behavior, and my husband's behavior. It also helped me release feelings I didn't even know were there. Take the course. It's definitely worth the investment."


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"Your course and activities empowered me to live without anxiety holding me back in relationships; I now have a better understanding of myself that's already improved my quality of life and enabled me to get back out there after a recent divorce. I just finished the Anxious Attachment 101 course two days ago, and I already found myself... feeling confident and hopeful, as opposed to anxious and worried. The MacWilliam Method works, and I recommend it to anyone with anxiety."


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"Do not hesitate. Definitely take this course. I am sure you have read the books, I am sure that you have gone to a counselor, like I did, and it's intellectual. This course brings the experiential. It will bring the two things together. It will help you feel your emotions, go to your body, and process through that. Just do it. It's so worth it."

Eva Alos Melchor