Online Courses

These online courses are a wonderful and informative resource to get you started, and include direct feedback and live Q&A opportunities in a private Facebook forum. You will also gain an introduction to The MacWilliam Method™.

Beginner & Intermediate

If you are new to attachment styles and/or have read some books and binge-watched my YouTube videos, these courses are the best place to start. If you are not sure which course is right for you, take the attachment styles quiz for a recommendation and discount offer!

anxious attachment 101 course

Anxious Attachment 101

5 Days to Take the Open Heart From Clingy to Confident, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Are you sick of walking on eggshells or chasing after an unattainable partner in your relationships? This online course product is for Open Hearted individuals that struggle with anxiety in push-pull relationships, who are ready to start calling in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

avoidant attachment 101 course

Avoidant Attachment 101

Decode the Rolling Stone's Love map in 5 Days, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Are you sick of falling headlong into relationships, only to wind up feeling bored, smothered, or terrified of hurting your partner, just when things are supposed to be getting good? This online course product is for individuals that struggle with avoidance in push-pull relationships, who are ready to call in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

disorganised attachment 101 course

Disorganized Attachment 101

5 Days to Support the Spice of Lifer in Love, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Do you deeply yearn for love, only to feel desperately fearful of being abandoned or rejected? Do you sabotage your relationships, switching from hot to cold, before it can even get off the ground? This online course product is for the "Spice of Lifer" that struggles with both anxiety and avoidance in push-pull relationships, who are ready to call in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

secure attachment 101 course

Secure Attachment 101

Amplify Your Strengths and Stabilize Your Relationship in 5 Easy Lessons, with The MacWilliam Method™.

Do you find that no matter how emotionally honest or willing you are to work on the relationship, you partner still finds ways to create drama and/or put distance between you? Maybe no matter how transparent you are with them, they just can't trust you. Or maybe anytime you make a reasonable bid for connection, they inexplicably withdraw and need space. If so, you may be a secure Cornerstone, with an insecure lover. Secure Attachment 101 is for securely attached "Cornerstones" who feel confused by insecure partners that send mixed signals and seem to be triggered by emotional honesty. In 5 easy lessons, you'll go from confused to clear, while learning how to amplify your strengths and help stabilize your relationship without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy with no tangible result.

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"I have done a lot of research during my own quest for answers in life love and happiness, and I haven't found any other information like Briana's. She is super informative and does an amazing job of incorporating it all without it being to clinical or too intimidating! Her delivery is that of (a very well educated) friend! In watching her videos, I feel as if she knows me personally and isn't judging me! She is definitely living her purpose and I am so so thankful to have found her! I know that you will learn so much from her work! God Bless!"

Estey Bailey

Intermediate & Advanced

If you are already familiar with attachment styles and/or have already taken my beginner level courses, you may be ready to dive into more experiential processing, and/or exploring your new found tools and skills with a partner using The MacWilliam Method™. If this sounds like you, these courses are right for you.

relationship rescue course image

Relationship Rescue

A Toolkit for Healthy Communication in Unstable Relationships

This course includes 7 dates to decode emotionally honest communication, get your needs met, and establish a soul connection with a lover, using The MacWilliam Method™. Unlike other resources for couples, this course does more than just teach you how to argue skillfully (which research shows can actually make things worse). Specifically, this course shows you how to connect on an emotional level with your partner, and rediscover the joyfulness that you once felt in each other’s presence. This course includes two guest expert presentations, as well as 3 bonus mini-courses included.

healing attachment wounds image FINAL

Healing Attachment Wounds with Mindfulness and Creative Arts Interventions

Go from self-doubting to self-sovereign in 7 Easy Lessons, with The MacWilliam Method™.

This course offers 7 creative, fun, easy lessons that will take you from feeling lost and confused about your romantic relationships, to stepping into your fullest and most sovereign self, without having to talk in circles around your feelings for hours (or even years) on end, with no tangible result. This super-comprehensive course covers all that goes into our attachment relationships, from epigenetics, to the impact of trauma, to polyvagal theory and how your nervous system can hijack your "love map" and keep you stuck in toxic love patterns. It also contains several engaging experiential tutorials per lesson (including art-based activities, guided visualizations, and journal prompts), to help you embody real felt changes on the emotional level (not just an insightful intellectual one). If you have an intermediate to advanced level of understanding of attachment styles, this course is for you!


5 Days to Ignite Your Love Light

A 5-Day Online Course To Boost Confidence, Take Pleasure In Desire, Open The Heart Chakra, And Ignite Your Love Light, using The MacWilliam Method™!

Learn a step-by-step process to take the fear out of your desire, how to identify two important types of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, activate and open your heart chakra, and 10x your attractive energy, so you can magnetize the partner of your dreams (or revitalize your current relationship)! If you struggle with automatic negative thinking, and get stuck in a mental hamster wheel, this course is perfect for giving you the tools to help you reframe your beliefs and tap into the body's resources for finally processing unending intellectual insights that never get you anywhere. We also have a special guest presentation with Shaman and Health Coach, Kristen Boyer, who takes you on a guided shamanic journey to open your heart chakra, so you can attract an ascended love partner!

Energy Expansion 101

Energy Expansion 101

5 Lessons To Amplify Your Attractive Energy With Art-Making And Guided Meditation, Using The MacWilliam Method™.

If you are feeling frustrated and hopeless about the time and money you might've spent on therapy and self-help and personal improvement, but none of it has lead to significant results in your experience of "felt security," or changing the types of partners you are attracting, this course is for you! Success in love isn't about having the best job, losing the most weight, contouring the highest cheekbones, or being funnier and wittier than everyone else. Cultivating clear, focused, vital, juicy, relaxed, sexy and emotionally engaging energy, on the other hand, can not only turn anyone’s head, but make them want to stick around. In only 5 lessons, you will get a taste of my unique approach--The MacWilliam Method™-- which will maximize your attractive energy, while introducing you to creative, evidenced-based tools and practices that foster felt security for adults struggling with insecure attachment. If you like working with energy healing, and would like a creative, "new agey" approach to spirituality and contextualizing your romantic experiences, this is the course for you!

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"I have been in a roller coaster marriage for almost ten years. After telling my husband to call a lawyer because I was DONE, in a last ditch effort, my husband convinced me to watch these videos. It has our our personalities and relationship nailed down to the T. These videos have given me hope that we can break our cycle and keep our family together. Thank you for helping us!"


Laura T.

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