What is coaching?

Coaching takes on many forms. In today’s world, you may often hear terms like “life coach,” which is a broad umbrella for more specific areas of coaching, including  “health coaching,” or “spiritual coaching.” The goal of most coaching services is essentially the same, however, which is to improve mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

The type of coaching I offer is of a psycho-educational/spiritual flavor, and specific to the areas in which I am trained. The relationship developed is more like that of a mentorship. My coaching services include:

  • Feminine Empowerment and Self Esteem Building: Learn about how masculine and feminine energies  can fall out of balance in a rapidly changing and confusing world of relationships, and explore a variety of creative ways to find your way back to the power and abundance of your feminine self.
  • Revising Love Patterns and Behaviors: Insight into the most recent research on attachment styles and love patterns is bridged with an understanding of the energetic cords that can bring us to new, blissful heights, or prevent us from healing.
  • Creativity Coaching : Writers, artists and other creative types sometimes need extra support from someone who understands the creative process and its pitfalls. Equally, anyone who has the inkling to explore their creative self benefits from a guiding hand and support. For writers, coaching sessions include a review one 20-page chapter, and recommendations on character development and plot projection. (This does not include a copy write edit.)

How is coaching different than therapy?

  • Therapy is a more intensive relationship and evolves organically, in a variety of subject areas. This is also more psychodynamically oriented.
  • Therapy is offered at a minimum of 45-60 minutes per session.
  • Therapy may only be practiced under the scope of my license (which is within the bounds of New York State).
  • Therapy may be covered and/or reimbursable by insurance companies.
  • Only a licensed psychotherapist may conduct therapy, and these individuals have  a graduate level education with significant, subsequent training. Psychotherapists are also regulated by the state office of mental health, and are required to complete a specified number of continuing education credits, to keep their licenses active.

Do you coach remotely?

I do! Because coaching does not fall within the guidelines of psychotherapy, I am available to conduct coaching sessions remotely, through FaceTime, Skype, and/or audio phone call.

How much does coaching cost?

Please see the “Fees” page for further detail.