Cultivating a secure relationship doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to do it alone!

Anything is possible with INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT!

Are you tired of feeling confused and uncertain in your relationships? Do you find yourself constantly seeking validation from others and struggling to trust your own instincts?

I bet you’re also feeling frustrated and hopeless about the time and money you might’ve spent on self-help and therapy, but none of it has led to significant changes in your love life.

Am I close?

The #1 secret to

Improving Your Relationships

is decoding your attachment styles

Your attachment style is a blueprint that acts as a compass for how much closeness or space you desire when it comes to emotional intimacy.

Your attachment styles affect you on the level of:

But the brain has “plasticity”—meaning it’s malleable, and can shift your attachment style!

With the focused attention and individualized guidance and support of private coaching, you can overcome your insecurities, build self-confidence, and develop the skills and mindset necessary for thriving in all areas of your life.

“After only 3 sessions with Briana, I cried (multiple times) for the scared little girl in me.  I actually had a feeling that I matter and that I am loved.  I felt a sense of love and compassion for myself.  Thank you, Briana.  I’m finally able to go deeper and heal.”

-Fatima Patel, 36

“I am astounded by Briana’s grasp of attachment. This comes from someone (albeit a layman) who has read voraciously on the subject for 7 years, now. There is insight and detailed explanations with individual sessions, that simply can’t be found anywhere else…The level of clarity is beyond anything I could’ve anticipated.”

-Jim Lewandowski, 42

“I can’t tell you what a BIG difference it made to understand why and how my insecurities were convincing me I needed explanations from men that just did not deserve my energy. Only 6 sessions with Briana cleared up a lifetime of confusion around certain family dynamics that always perplexed me. The best part is the eperientials, though. The MacWilliam Method cuts through the BS quickly and effectively. Just make sure you’re ready!”

-Elizabeth Zhou, 34

Hi, my name is Briana MacWilliam, and I am a licensed and board-certified creative arts therapist, with more than 15 years in the field, working with individuals, just like you.

Using a psycho-spiritual approach to attachment styles (which are 4 unique blueprints for how you give and receive love), I help insecure lovers go from self-doubting to self-sovereign, to cultivate those soul-shaking, passionate partnerships they want, without having to talk in circles for years on end, with no tangible result. And I do this, using my unique service, The MacWilliam Method™. 

This method is informed by my certifications in Reiki Healing, EFT Tapping, and trauma-informed somatic therapy. The goal is to integrate mind, body and spirit through cognitive reframing, body-based interventions, and arts-based experientials. With this three-pronged approach, you will see radical transformations happen quickly, with long-lasting affects.

But it’s not just my professional experiences that inform my unique method. Attachment styles and healing attachment wounds is a topic so near and dear to my heart, because I don’t just teach this stuff, I’ve lived it. You can learn more about my personal journey here.

What Makes My Approach Different

I help individuals struggling with insecure attachment go from self-doubting to self-sovereign, with my unique service:

The MacWilliam Method TM
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The MacWilliam Method™ (TMM) is a service that utilizes a psycho-spiritual approach to applying creative arts interventions, through the framework of attachment theory. TMM is informed by evidence-based practices in attachment and trauma research but is rooted in creative arts interventions as the primary healing modality.

The directives in my online courses have been modified for experiential learning, coupled with live support and discussion in private Facebook group forums.

TMM is composed of three principal tools to address mind, body, and spirit:

#1 Cognitive Reframing

Raise conscious awareness through cognitive reframing, so you can re-write painful narratives and create an openness to receiving the love you want.

#2 Body Activation

With a blend of guided imagery, basic movement, and sound healing, we gently titrate all that anxious energy stored up in your body to build new neural networks in a healthier framework, using the language of the body and the unconscious.

#3 Arts-Based Experientials

Through creative expression, we externalize the inner world and achieve self-sovereignty by being in dialogue with the Authentic Self.


Here are some examples of what it's like to work with me privately.

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"How can I trust if love is genuine or manipulative?"

In her adult relationships, she finds it difficult to provide the affection or words of affirmation that her partners desire, because it’s hard for her to discern when bids for connection stem from genuine love and regard, or manipulative intentions. By the ended of the call she was “calm, fascinated, and impressed” with what she experienced, and ended the call feeling hopeful for the future.

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"How do I get over my cheating ex?"

Lonnie had done a lot of personal healing work after her long-time, on-again-off-again boyfriend had cheated on her. Despite the anger and hurt she felt, she still found herself fantasizing about getting back together with him. In this call, Lonnie was able to glean some guidance and wisdom from her guardian angel. By the end, she was in tears, and surprised by how much better she felt!

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"How do I reduce dating anxiety as a single mom?"

Amelia shares her experience of dialoguing with her parts to reduce dating anxiety, as a single mom of three teenage children. By the end of our exploration, Amelia has new ideas about what would help her move forward with dating logistics, and also an unexpected insight into the impact that complicated grief may have on her “mom guilt” after losing her mother to cancer.

After working with me, you’ll have the tools to go from…

But don’t take my word for it—watch these testimonials from folks that have taken my courses, and worked with me personally...

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"For the first time in my life, I feel secure... Briana has a much deeper understanding of attachment styles than most of the renowned experts have."


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"I just think if anybody is struggling with a rollercoaster relationship, a push and pull dynamic, something where you find yourself wanting to be in one minute and out the next... this is the most helpful course. It's super powerful, and I would say, just do it!"

Stacy De La Rosa

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“This program has done for me in 7 weeks what years of self-help books and cognitive therapy couldn’t do.”

Kim Nava

If you are ready to dive into learning about attachment styles with The MacWilliam Method™, first I want to assure you, all the things and the feels are possible for you.

More than that, it’s even probable, once you decide and commit to living nothing less than a next-level life, and committing to the processes that will set you on that path. The good news is, the tools you might need are relatively simple. And the MOST crucial information that you will need on this journey already exists INSIDE YOU.

Negative energy and defensive patterning that keep you stuck in a confusion cycle around attachment styles CAN be transformed and healed so that you can RELAX into the brightest luminescence that is your spirit. It is a process that will allow you to step into a state of being on FIYAH about life, and share that brilliance with a stars-in-their-eyes lover.

More testimonials from folks that have taken my courses, and worked with me personally...

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“There’s a way that Briana approaches disorganized attachment that is healing and life-giving; you’re not this disconnected freak that nobody is ever going to understand, you’re not lost out there. This is just part of your story. And there are ways to work it out in healthy, functional, good ways.”


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"This course is not about getting your ex back, it is all about getting yourself back. This is an investment in something important, YOU. You could spend a lot more money on books and other programs (like I've done) and find your wheels spinning. If you do take the course, make the most of it, take your time and do every step and don't hold back when it comes to expressing your feelings creatively, you might surprise yourself."

Keturah Jordan

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“I gained a deep understanding of ‘the anxious avoidant trap’...and how both of us were playing a role in this push-pull dynamic, specifically around breadcrumbing. And once there was a trigger, how some of those little things were pulling us back together or pushing us further apart. I had also described the “ecstasy” and the “anguish” of this relationship, and it was interesting to learn how that’s really what was happening on the neurochemical level... Don’t even question it, just dive in. The feeling that I have now, is one of hope.”


Just imagine, what if instead of feeling stuck in codependent patterns, agonizing over a dismal dating scene, wasting your energy worrying about red flags, and feeling confused over how to be compassionate without compromising your needs, you might be able to…


 your intuition & feel IN CONTROL when insecurity or a trigger pops up out of nowhere.


 “automatic negative thoughts” – before they spiral out of control.


while a potential partner takes the initiative to call you first, and frequently plans your activities together.


 from bending over backwards to please everyone around you, to fortifying your boundaries and knowing when and how to say “no” when you need to.


& vulnerably to friends, family, and co-workers without them dismissing or invalidating your feelings.


conflicts as opportunities for deepening intimacy and understanding with your love ones of every description.


of a fear of not being good enough, so you can finally attract & allow yourself to RECEIVE the gifts of a life that lights you on fiyah!

If you are ready to dive in, book a private coaching package today. You'll be so happy you did!

6 Session Coaching Package

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$ 3,160
  • IDENTIFY a very specific area of concern and itemize the obstacles or barriers to success.
  • ASSESS the severity of these barriers and reframe the underlying false premises or beliefs that perpetuate them.
  • EXPLORE the wisdom of your spirit to ascertain your next inspired action steps, through experiential directives.
  • TAKE ACTION on these steps.
  • FOLLOW UP on deepening insights and engage INSTALLATION sequences.
  • INTEGRATE the experience, and implement maintenance practices.

Not sure? Click here, and learn more about special financing for US residents. Payments as low as $100/month.

3 Session Coaching Package

$ 1,800
  • ASSESS a very specific area of concern or confusion, and establish a goal around it.
  • EXPLORE that topic experientially together, and with “take-home” assignments for integration.
  • FOLLOW UP on maintenance practices.

Not sure? Click here, and learn more about special financing for US residents. Payments as low as $100/month.

“Briana’s work has clarified so many things for me. Especially with emotional and physical boundaries. I have a history of trauma, and this felt like a very clear and creative way to address my confusion around boundaries. Thank you, Briana!”

Mandi Cole, 33

“I have seen a lot of things online that talk about “codependency” and “narcissism” but Briana breaks this down in a very clear and nonjudgmental way, for the laymen. The activities she offers are fun to do, and I feel like I have a stronger grasp of what my triggers are when it comes to personal boundaries. Highly recommend her work.”

Nick Patten, 42

“Briana’s approach is full of information and very practical. My favorite exercise we did was ‘The Healing Tree.’ Whenever I am feeling anxious, I make one and it calms me right down. I have so many of them now!”

Jitka, 38

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, I am not able to accommodate private psycho therapy clients, including private consultations.

While I am a licensed and board-certified psychotherapist, private coaching sessions are not considered psychotherapy, and it is not covered under insurance, but I anticipate you will experience some psychotherapeutic benefit, in the realms of self-help and personal growth.

Important to note: If you are struggling with active psychosis, severe mental illness, self harming behaviors, suicidality, or recent hospitalization, I recommend seeking help with another trauma-informed psychotherapist, who is available for long-term treatment. 

I recommend accessing your insurance carrier for referrals for practitioners that are trained in such modalities as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), and/or Creative Arts Therapies (including dance/movement, drama, music, or art).

All of these approaches are typically trauma-informed and have attachment focused interventions that incorporate body activation and cognitive reframing.

Psychotherapy provides long-term treatment in an empathic holding environment. The therapist generally follows the impulses and inclinations of the client, in guiding the therapeutic process and establishing a rapport. Depending on the therapist’s theoretical orientation,  emotional changes and insight occur through the evolution of the therapeutic relationship. Techniques and psycho-education may be offered and explored, but it is secondary to the relationship being established between practitioner and client. For many individuals that struggle with insecure attachment, long-term psychotherapy is truly the first and best step for them. 

Private coaching is short-term and goal oriented. In my role as a coach, I deliver techniques for you to use independently or in supplementation to psychotherapy. Our sessions will be structured and directive, built upon my unique approach The MacWilliam Method (TM). My guidance is a response to what I observe your own spirit to be articulating, through the techniques we may use. The relationship that is developed is similar to short-term mentorship. If longer-term treatment is indicated, I will also make those recommendations and referrals, after our time has ended. 

Yes. Occasionally, I will host live, online workshops, or in-person workshops. Typically a link will be posted to the navigation menu, when those occasions arise.

For individuals that have purchased my online courses, I answer questions posed in the paid, private Facebook group, during our regular monthly livestream Q&A.

Yes. I provide continuing education for practitioners through my education website:

If you are looking for private mentorship and training, you would need to purchase a private session package.

There are NO REFUNDS once you purchase a private session package. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions on the check out page. 

Payment plan options are available through special financing if you are approved. This is an agreement between you and the lender, however, we are able to broker the loan for you. This options is only available to US residents. For some clients they have been approved for payments as low as $100 per month, no more than a cable bill. To learn more, go here. 

Yes, I have several online courses to support you in your growth. You may peruse my online courses, here.

If you still have an unanswered question feel free to submit a contact request.

Please note, my administrative staff receives and screens my emails, so be aware of including too much personal information in your correspondence.