Group & Individual

I provide both group and individual supervision services for other creative arts therapists. The benefits of supervision include:

  • Assistance with client cases and challenges in the workplace
  • Supervisory hours for ATR certification
  • Receiving support while job hunting
  • Maintaining self care and avoiding burn out
  • Networking with other art therapists and remaining connected to the community

I am currently accepting new clients for group supervision. Please contact me to learn more.


Briana MacWilliam was my supervisor for 2 years; Initially during my academic internship and then again during my acquisition of hours for my Board Certification. During that time she consistently proved to be not only highly organized and motivated, but insightful and supportive as well. Thus, I have absolutely no reservations about recommending her for any supervisory or leadership position.

-Allyson Fuentes MPS, ATR-BC, Creative Arts Therapist at Inspira Health Network

Briana is a great supervisor!  When my time working with her ended, I was sentimental because she provided me with such a wonderful learning experience.   As an intern, Briana supplied me with the clinical attention that newbies in the art therapy field craves to ensure that they are on the right path.  At the same time, I felt free to be autonomous in my approach with clientele as she offered potent advice.  This combination left me feeling confident and validated as a young professional. Briana’s concern and objectivity for people are sincere: she is culturally sensitive and speaks with fairness.  As a great communicator of words and imagery, Briana gave me a sense of perspective about the work and those with whom I worked with. This is especially important because as therapists, we do not work in a vacuum, nor are our approaches to others unrelated to our own approaches toward life. Briana’s guidance taught me to shape healthy therapeutic relationships.  She is the type of colleague that you can count on for support and feel inspired by witnessing her own creativity.

-Jennifer Davis, MPS, LCAT (Limited Permit), Children of Promise, NYC



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