The Ideal Relationship Project

In 2014, I wrote a post on my community blog, Yellow Bricks,  in which I reviewed a mountain of neurological, sociological, and psychological research focusing on the battle of the sexes. This inspired me to do a bit of my own qualitative research into the subject, and thus I conceived of The Ideal Relationship Project. I wanted to find evidence of lasting love. The kind that is enduring and evolving and soul-deep…and I found it!

I asked 100 men and women to describe their ideal relationship, in no more than two sentences. Then, I completed a portrait from a photograph of the subject’s choice, incorporating a mandala form intended to represent the energy  of the individual, and his or her quote.

To view all of the completed portraits please visit the project’s website. To watch the process videos, please visit my YouTube channel. To purchase the completed book, or purchase a portrait of your own, please visit contact me.