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66 Key Millennial and Gen Z Dating Statistics in 2022

Millennials Gen Z dating statistics

What are the key millennial and Gen Z dating statistics in 2022? 

Millennials and Gen Z are the youngest generations on the dating market. They’re generations that have grown up during uncertain times (the financial crises, worries about climate change, the pandemic, and wars, just to mention a few global events). And as the first digitally native generations, they date differently. Here’s how millennials and Generation Z date, including online dating statistics and more. 

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An overview of Millennial and Gen Z dating statistics



Millennial dating statistics

How many millennials are till single? How many millennials are married? These millennial dating statistics show you how dating has changed. Here, you’ll learn the most important dating habits of millennial daters. Read on!

Gen Z dating statistics

Is dating harder for Gen Z? What percentage of Gen Z is single? In this section, you’ll learn all about Gen Z dating problems and behaviors. Learn more!


Millennial and Gen Z dating statistics

How do millennial and Gen Z dating behaviors compare? Here are the top statistics on how these generations date. 


Millennials and Gen Z and online dating 

How do millennials and Gen Z approach dating apps? Here are the top statistics that show how these generations use dating apps.


Millennial and Gen Z marriage statistics

How do millennials and Generation Z approach marriage? Here’s what you need to know about millennial and Gen Z marriage statistics.


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